Where the Journey began…

In October of 2018, I made the decision to pursue a vegan diet. I spent most of my life struggling to feel “normal” with my digestion. I would suffer regularly from stomach aches and numerous other issues that stemmed from my diet.

When I first started Journey to Plants, I honestly did not know much about veganism. I found myself eating high carb meals, and not understanding that just because I was avoiding animal products, that didn’t mean everything I ate was healthy.

With a dramatic shift in my diet, I needed to rethink how to cook.

I began trying so many new amazing foods and manipulated ingredients in ways I didn’t know possible. It became an exciting new experience to find ways to recreate non-vegan meals I once ate but adding a healthy spin to them.

Now, I rarely suffer from those digestion issues that used to control my life. I found a new love for cooking and a new outlook on life. What started as a change in my diet, has evolved into many other life changes that I hope to share with you, such as reducing household waste.

Whether you are pursuing a full or part-time plant-based journey, I hope you check out some recipes and find yourself creating your own Journey to Plants.