Juicing is the new coffee

I believe it started unintentionally, but I have ditched coffee. I’ve loved coffee for years like a proper Gilmore Girl, but all of a sudden I experienced some extra sensitivity to the caffeine. I’ve heard of people not having coffee and wondered how the heck they got through the day. Even some of my friends … Continue reading Juicing is the new coffee

Gizmo the Explorer

The “new normal” around here includes Christmas cheer coming early, family movie marathons, and spur of the moment adventures. Since transitioning to working from home in March, we have all grown so close together, so we started bringing Gizmo on some adventures. We started introducing Gizmo to a harness and leash this summer by going … Continue reading Gizmo the Explorer

Sneaky Squash

Got some extra veggies in the fridge? Want to sneak them into your dinner? This hack is for you!