Juicing is the new coffee

I believe it started unintentionally, but I have ditched coffee.

I’ve loved coffee for years like a proper Gilmore Girl, but all of a sudden I experienced some extra sensitivity to the caffeine. I’ve heard of people not having coffee and wondered how the heck they got through the day. Even some of my friends say they get extreme anxiety and jitters when they have coffee. I thought they were crazy until one very jittery morning.

It was a Monday morning after I took a week long holiday and I knew if there was a day to get my favorite latte, today was it. I had a delicious gingerbread oat milk latte and felt amazing. Then around 3PM I felt like I was on edge and a bit woozy. I ate lunch which helped a bit but still something felt off. This continued until about 9PM when I started to develop a minor headache. Then, it was 3AM and I hadn’t been able to sleep and my headache was now head splitting.

Now, it’s after Christmas and I found a juicer under the tree that was low key the best gift of the year (thank you, honey)! I started juicing and noticed I had an increase of energy but in a much more manageable dosage. It’s also a great way to get nutrients that I wouldn’t normally get. I know eating vegetables and fruits are best consumed for our health in their whole state. But… I’m a realist, and I know I’m never going to naturally grab an apple and snack away, I wish I did, but…

I’ve also been experimenting with tea. I have never been that crazy about it, I like it, but never sought it out. This is something Alex has also been getting into. Any tea recommendations or tips are welcomed 🙂 !

For now, I’m enjoying mixing together different fruits and veggies and creating a little morning elixir. It has become something I look forward to in the morning and also a great way to use up any fruits or veggies so they aren’t wasted.


Gizmo the Explorer

The “new normal” around here includes Christmas cheer coming early, family movie marathons, and spur of the moment adventures. Since transitioning to working from home in March, we have all grown so close together, so we started bringing Gizmo on some adventures.

We started introducing Gizmo to a harness and leash this summer by going on family picnics. Now, as the months are getting colder and snow is approaching, we go on family car rides. Without a destination we have come across some really amazing sites. Within a few miles of our home we have found wineries, a castle, perspective picnic spots for 2021, and beautiful tree covered backroads. As the holidays approach we are getting excited to show G Christmas some lights!